Three Lakes Coworking

Business & shared professional center in Three Lakes, Wisconsin

What is Three Lakes Coworking?

Three Lakes Coworking is a (former) proposal in development by Three Lakes resident Jonathan Sharp to form a coworking and business center for professionals and community members in Three Lakes, Wisconsin.

Local WiFi Access

Meeting Rooms w/ Internet

Project Status

November 2019

It's been quite some time since any progress has been made with regard to Three Lakes Coworking. I recently talked with Gary Williams from the Three Lakes Community Foundation and they've expressed interest in shepherding the idea for a business center/coworking facility going forward. I'm handing off details of what I've learned to date as well as contact information of people who have expressed interest in the concept.

Thank you for your interest over the years and I look forward to the TLCF championing the idea going forward.

June 2016

Simplified and rebanded former "Cultivate Works" brand to "Three Lakes Coworking".

Renewed membership with the Three Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce

March 2016

Participated in a "Three Lakes Think Tank" to discuss economic sustainability opportunities for our community.

Nov-Feb 2015

Participated in a "Three Lakes Think Tank" to discuss economic sustainability opportunities for our community.

June 2015

June 23rd, Presented to the Town of Three Lakes Plan Commission on the findings of the research and vision for this project.

May 2015

Connecting with local individuals, community members, businesses and town organizations to develop an understanding of core offerings that would best serve our community.

Cultivate Works joins the Three Lakes Chamber of Commerce

March 2015

Met with local community member to discuss the model and solicit feedback and advice.

February 2015

Met with local community members and broadband providers discussing the concept and soliciting advice for progressing forward.

December 2014

This project is currently in the early phases of development with a short-term goal of connecting with interested individuals to build a supporting community prior to launch.

We are currently collecting responses from the Cultivate|works Survey.

Three Lakes Coworking Facility


TBD - Located in or very close to downtown Three Lakes, Wisconsin with easy access to parking.

Hours of Availability


Potential Coworking Facility Offerings

Coworking Memberships

The co-working space is supported through participant memberships. All prices below are TBD and used for example purposes only.

Full-Time Individual

3 month commitment, includes access to conference rooms and web studio.

Part-Time Individual

Days do not carry over, 3 month commitment, includes access to conference rooms and web studio.

Community Business Membership

$125/month - includes 2 x 1 hour blocks of either: the large conference room, small conference room, or web studio. Discounted rate on additional reservations. (blocks do not carry over month to month)

Non-member Pricing

Short-Term Individual

Includes access to the lounge area

Non-member Reservations


What is Coworking?

Coworking is the concept of a shared office and professional environment for independent individuals employed by different businesses. Coworking is usually supported through memberships. Freelancers, the self-employed, consultants, professionals or entrepreneurs, often utilize coworking. The coworking space may offer features such as desks, conference rooms, ultra high-speed broadband and other amenities not available when working from home.

Why Develop Coworking in Three Lakes?

Remote Working is one of the opportunities and a growing trend that allows for some individuals to live in the Northwoods while working for non-local businesses and organizations. Remote working is what allowed our family to relocate back to Three Lakes in early 2013 (I have been working remote since 2008). Coworking provides opportunities for professional community beyond the home office as well as supports separation of "home" and "work". Additionally shared resources such as conference rooms and ultra high-speed broadband provide added value.

What about the Demmer Library?

The Demmer Library and Three Lakes town offices are currently in the early development stages of renovation planning. I've been in contact with library staff to discuss how the community can best benefit, and how our visions may align.

What are the greatest challenges to launching this?

The greatest challenge I see is developing a model that matches Three Lakes town culture and supports the long term sustainability of the business. This model has to account for significant seasonal cycles that affect cashflow.

Community Building and Economic Sustainability

The long-term goal is to grow and develop the facility to create the equivalent of two full time jobs, plus other opportunities for the community.

The jobs would include two full time attendants (different shifts) for the space, and a contract studio technician.

Facility Attendants - Responsible for ensuring member needs are met, providing setup and tear down for scheduled events, greeting and directing meeting attendees to their reserved conference room, and general facility upkeep.

Studio Technician - Responsible for equipment operation of the Web Studio for production of podcasts, webinars and additional events.


I was given an incredible opportunity to learn web development while still in middle school (and before The Internet was widely known). That experience is one that has afforded many opportunities over the years. I would like to develop a web development internship to cultivate similar opportunities for high-school age students in our community while connecting them with other local businesses.

One of the benefits of the web development field is the ability in most situations for it to be location independent. By providing opportunities to develop skills that tap into larger markets, we stand a greater chance of retaining Northwood's locals and combatting the increasing Northwood's population loss.